dimanche 21 novembre 2010

Boat-Tailed Grackle / Quiscale des marais

Boat-Tailed Grackle

I photographed those grackles on a Western Florida shore that has been destroyed, courtesy of British Petroleum.

In the southern parts of the United States, this grackle has reddish eyes instead of yellow. The female is brown as we can see here. Pretty birds...

Roger Gauthier, The Photographer Who Came From The Cold


Quiscale des marais

J'ai photographié ces quiscales sur la côte ouest de la Floride, à un endroit qui a été détruit gracieuseté de British Petroleum.

Dans le sud des États-Unis, les yeux de ce quiscale sont rougeâtres et non jaunes. La femelle est plutôt marron, comme on peut le voir ici. Jolis oiseaux...

Roger Gauthier, Le photographe venu du froid

Boat-Tailed Grackle (male) / Quiscale des marais(mâle)

Boat-Tailed Grackle (female) / Quiscale des marais (femelle)

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  1. Great colors and details! Thanks!!!
    Without a specific reason, I like the male more... :)

  2. @Adela: Ha! You're a female... :-) Just joking, and now I'm running away as fast as I can! But thanks truly for the praise. BTW I stumbled upon your flckr pictures and the darned site would not let me comment...

  3. I will check the site today. On flickr I posted some images when I was at school... old ones...
    Maybe it was a temporary problem with respect to the comments...
    Have a beautiful day,

  4. P.S. Today the site works, I have just posted a comment for an image (the ones with the pumpkin). :)

  5. Hallo Roger!

    Among birds, the representative of the male species is nicer.
    Among the animals is usually the same.
    Among the people?
    The beauty of a woman can even kill a man:)))


  6. Roger bonjour
    et merci de montrer ces photos.
    Elles sont superbes j'adore ce genre de photos.
    j'aime aussi les oiseaux tout comme toi sauf les pies . Mais c'est lavie
    Je t'embrasse

  7. Oui , plus beau que lorsqu'on le voit ici , mais tu as su le mettre en valeur .

  8. what a magnificent bird! and the male is beyond words! but of course, your mastery of color and detail make it all possible for us to see them both as beautiful as they are! stunning images!

  9. @Adela: I will go back when I have a chance, probably tonight... things are kind of hectic here at the moment, repairs before the Winter that is almost already there. Trying to be a carpenter, a plumber, and a photographer at the same time, something's gotta give... :-)))

  10. @Sad Clown: You're right, it's almost always the case, with a few notable exceptions. I don't know why it is so... but indeed it is! And I do agree also that women are way more beautiful! We are a bit stronger and bigger though, among other things... :-)

  11. @France : J'espère que les choses vont bien chez toi (mieux ? moins pire ?) Comme ça tu n'aimes pas les pies, on aura tout vu. Quoi, elles sont bruyantes par chez vous ? :-)) Merci pour le compliment...

  12. @Suzanne : Tu te souviens, nous avions photographié ces oiseaux-là ensemble, au bout d'une pointe ? Oui, ils sont plus beaux que par chez nous, je trouve aussi.

  13. viele Grüße, es scheint auf dem Fotos noch alles wie Sommer, hier ist es kalt und kein Fotoaparat will arbeiten,jeder hat sein Dasein verdient? aber die Kälte gefällt mir nicht, den Tieren auf dem Foto ist es egal, schön zu sehen Danke, herzlichst Jasmin...

  14. @Jenean: Lady, if you go on like that, I will end up blushing!

    To put things into perspective, I shot those birds on March 2, 2010. That's almost 9 months ago, and I just finished the post-processing... You see, that shows uncertain I can be about my work. Anyway...

  15. thanks for the nice compliment... Jasmin

  16. Je viens juste te dire bonjour Roger

  17. Oh, qu'ils sont beaux ces oiseaux, Roger !

  18. @Jasmin: Ah! You have cold weather! Well, it is getting really cold here too, Jasmin! As I told many European readers, it gets terribly cold here, but all houses are built with excellent insulation and heating systems. It is not always the same in Europe, electricity is too expensive...

    Please come back, it is always fun to read you, dear Jasmin.

    Love, Roger

  19. @Claude : N'est-ce pas ? La chose étrange, Claude, est qu'ils ne sont pas tellement beaux vus d'une certaines distance, mais qu'on voit leur beauté dans un téléobjectif...

  20. It's no wonder I find the female even more beautiful ... But what would a world without men ... boring ... and often peaceful

    You know, I do not mean you :))

    my best wishes for you,

  21. @Isabella: Thanks for the comment... :-))) may I mention that the human species would encounter some survival problems if there were no men? And vice versa...

    Yes, the world would (probably) be more peaceful. But things are achangin', look how young women drive nowadays... almost as bad as young men!

    Among peaceful women, one can count Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi... and some others. As bad as Bush & Co? Never of course, those are really low standards...

    Have fun! :-)))_

  22. @Cinthia: Thanks Cinthia. This guy has quite a look, doesn't he? :-)


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