mercredi 23 février 2011

Symmetry: The Original Photograph / Symétrie : la photo originale

Symmetry: The Original Photograph

For those who wanted to see the photo I worked on to make the image in the previous post... not a great photograph by any means. :-)

Roger Gauthier, The Photographer Who Came From The Cold


Symétrie : la photo originale

Pour ceux et celles qui voulaient voir la photo que j'ai utilisée pour produire l'image du message précédent. Ce n'est d'aucune façon une bonne photo. :-)

Roger Gauthier, Le photographe venu du froid

The Original Photograph / La photo originale

2 commentaires:

  1. Fantastic "Simetria" ... ;))

    *Hello Roger, I really like because of your technical comments are sincere and very appropriate. You can keep doing your analysis because I learn well.
    I tried to correct the slope of a degree I think it worked but I can not remove the white that makes the picture saturated in the sun. How does this, can you help me?
    Sorry no longer writing the blog, but I'm not your e-mail.

  2. @Sill: Will be coming back to you this afternoon, dear Sill! I am not forgetting you... :)



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