samedi 31 janvier 2009

How To Download The Slideshow's Higher Res Pictures! (English)

Starting today late afternoon, the slideshow will present a small number of pictures, maybe ten to twenty, that will change every week or thereabouts. Those pictures will all be about 2000 to 2400 pixels, aw big step from the previous desktop format I used (1120 x 1680) You can download one or several of those pictures, for your personal use, free of charge. All I ask, if you download a picture, is that you leave a brief comment on Picasa web. :-)
Here is how to proceed:
1. a) Click on the slideshow. This will bring you directly to the corresponding picture in Picasa web.
1. b) Stop the slideshow and cycle through the pictures in order to select one that you want, then click on it. This will bring you directly to the corresponding picture in Picasa web.
2. Click on the "Download" menu, then choose "Download Picture" (exact wording may vary).
3. Please leave a short comment on Picasa web...
That's it, you're done. You may repeat for other pictures if you wish.
You can use these pictures on your own computer(s) for your private use only. Distribution is not permitted. You may instead distribute the link(s) to the images on Picasa. This would fit the bill nicely.
Come back regularly and see which pictures could be of interest to you!

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I'm always happy to read your comments, whether you are a photographer or not, an expert or not! :-)