vendredi 30 janvier 2009

Cold Sunset / Coucher de soleil glacial

Cold Sunset In The Eastern Townships
A picture taken by the reasonably mild temperature of -20°C. Two versions of it, for yours to comment. It's not a bad picture, but I was still desperately looking for interesting places to photograph. This is flatland...
Coucher de soleil glacial dans les Cantons de l'Est
Photo prise par une température raisonnable de -20°C. J'ai inclus deux versions que vous pouvez commenter à volonté. Ce n'est pas en soi une mauvaise photo. Je cherchais toujours désespérément des endroits intéressants à photographier. Pas facile, dans la plaine...
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  1. Quel bel image !

  2. I like 'Cold Sunset', but I don't like all the power lines in any picture. Ah, herein lies the quandary. I have passed up many a photo because of unnatural clutter. But then again, a house isn't really of nature either.

  3. Colors look great Roger but I also would prefer it without all the power lines.


  4. Hello all!
    I would like to put my 2 cents (American) into this discussion. Personally, I am not in the least offended by the power lines. Simply they are part of what was there and therefore are part of the statement made by this image. Exactly what The Photographer is saying with this image is his, and his alone, to know; we, as second hand observers, will bring to this image OUR own interpretations. Some want a clean natural view of nature, and that is fine. However, to me, the idea that this photograph would be "better" without the power lines is a fallacy. When you remove the man-made constructs from the image, you are then lying, Yeah, it would make a nicer postcard, but somehow I do not think Mr. Gauthier is making a postcard here; he is doing what I call "Moment Photography," recording a split second of "life," a moment in time that will never occur again, ever. Truthfully.
    I would like to suggest that one or both of you pick up the challenge that I am going to drop here: see if you can remove the lines, in such a manner as to leave no artifacts behind.
    For myself, as I said, I like it as it is, because it "IS", life.
    Also, just let me say that I am not arguing, just placing my change on the table.

    Jim AKA, SLoL

    P.S. It would be interesting if any of you that may be skilled in the use of Photo Post Processing were to try your hand at removing those lines. If you are able to do this, satisfactorily, Please repost the "fixed" image and then please give a brief description of what you did and how you did it.

  5. Well, welcome aboard, Butterbean and SLOL!

    Patrick and Butterbean's point is well taken. My answer to that is, ah, hmm, maybe. I am sure it would make a beautiful picture without the power lines and in that you are right. On the other hand, SLOL is also right: the power lines are part of the statement. In fact, maybe they ARE the statement, for you to discuss.

    JAMES THERE IS A WAY TO GET RID OF THE POWER LINES! And not too convoluted at that. I shall be back on this.

    It is marvelous to be able to discuss this with you.


    Bienvenue à Butterbean et SLOL !

    Le point de vue de Patrick et Butterbean se défend tout à fait. Ma propre réponse est, mmm, ça dépend. Je suis certain que sans les lignes électriques l'image serait très belle, et vous avez raison. D'autre part, SLOL a aussi raison : elles font partie du message. Peut-être même qu'elles sont le message, qui est là pour être discuté.

    JAMES, IL Y A MOYEN DE SE DÉBARRASSER DES LIGNES ! Je vais vous revenir là-dessus demain.

    C'est un plaisir de pouvoir discuter de ça avec vous.


  6. So SLOL, I was deep-sleeping when I told you that there was no way to get rid of the lines. Don't know what I was thinking about: The Healing Brush is made for that.
    The critical part is now getting rid of them in the trees without degrading the picture. AND DON'T FORGET TO DESTROY THE NOW MEANINGLESS POLE! You will then be very near the dreaded postcard... and a meaningless picture I think.

    Even after all this work, a critical eye will see a certain degradation.


    SLOL, j'étais dans le coma quand je t'ai dit qu'on ne pouvait pas se débarrasser des lignes électriques. Je ne sais pas à quoi je pensais : l'outil "Healing Brush" est fait pour ça.
    La partie critique devient maintenant de s'en débarrasser dans les arbres sans dégrader l'image. ET IL NE FAUT PAS OUBLIER DE DÉTRUIRE LE POTEAU MAINTENANT INUTILE ! On est alors tout près... de la carte postale, c'est tout dire. Et aussi d'une image maintenant sans signification à mon sens.

    Même après tout ce travail, un oeil critique voit des défauts.


  7. Power lines disappear with clone and a little smudge.

    and Roger you know sig?

  8. By Jove, Butterbean, is that you, Bill?

    My God, you make my day. I should have thought about it, I saw it somewhere, Yeah, I got it, the Butterbean Biker! Keep on rollin', baby! :-)

    The guy with the monstrous Harley... :-)

    RogerG with a smile


    Mais... C'est toi Bill, Butterbean?

    Seigneur, elle est bonne celle-là. J'aurais dû m'en douter, j'ai vu ça quelque part, ouais, the Butterbean Biiker! Le gars à la monstrueuse Harley... :-)

    RogerG souriant


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