jeudi 2 octobre 2014

Vieillir / Getting Old


Mon pays est disparu. Les gens tout autour ont des idées étranges, ils ont depuis longtemps renié mes valeurs. J'avais pourtant travaillé si fort pour ce pays.

Je vois mes amis, si peu, si peu longtemps. Je suis devenu un étranger. Vieux.

Roger Gauthier, Le photographe venu du froid


Getting Old

My elusive country has disappeared. People all around me, neighbours, don't share my values. I had worked so hard for that country, all for nothing.

I don't see my friends very often. I've become a stranger. Old.

Roger Gauthier, The Photographer who came from the cold

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  1. I understand exactly what you are saying. It is the same when I go back to my hometown, Paris, it has changed so much. Here in Georgia, it is the same. Many extreme conservative people have moved here and it is not as friendly as before. Growing old is difficult. As long as you are healthy, at least it is OK. But, as it is now, I came up to the computer room because I can see the driveway from here. My husband, who has Alzheimer, was supposed, for exercise to walk up and down the driveway. That was an hour ago. I don’t know where he went. Since he does not remember where he lives, I am going to take the car in another ½ hour and start driving around in hope to find him. Oui, veillir n’est pas facile, mais au moins cela pourrait être pire.

  2. Vagabonde, you're a dear. In French, vous êtes une soie. From reading you over the years, I could not be sure (about your husband), but I knew something was not going well.

    I'm so sad for both of you. He seems such a good guy, but then Life makes no distinction, and you never know.

    I believe in absolutely nothing. I will be thinking about you both, however. And in a very strange way, it makes me feel better. After all, the woman in my life has been my wife for 47 years now. Quite a long stretch. She is so charming and loving, and we're both in good health.

    If I had thought for a single second, I would not have written this very selfish post.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the comment here and on my blog, Roger. We have been married 47 years also - I hope his disease won’t get worse quickly. As I was going out to the car, he came up the driveway – he said he forgot what he was supposed to do and went for a walk along the road.

    You are not selfish, everyone feels kind of bad or mad at the world sometimes. I try not to think about difficult things not to get depressed, so this is why I enjoy finding new places around here or anywhere. You should have a great time in South Carolina in November – the weather should still be mild. A loving wife for 47 years – you are a lucky guy, not many have such companionship in our time.

  4. tu exagères!vieillir avant l'âge...

  5. Mais non , mais non .....sourires
    La vieillesse est dans la tête ...

  6. Roger mon ami ,
    Cette photo est magnifique je te retrouve bien là .Au delà de la grande mare comme tu dis si bien tes amis sont là.Tu es dans leurs coeurs .Tu sais que je t'aime Roger (t'inquiète Hélène ) ce n'est pas mon genre hi!hi!
    Alors vieillir qu'est ce sinon avoir un peu plus de sagesse, de retenue (pas toujours )tu me comprends et faisons de ce qui nous reste un grand moment de bonheur.
    A très vite Roger bises.N'oublies pas d'embrasser Hélène pour nous .

  7. Un beau vieux c'est pas déplaisant!

  8. Pas un coup de vieux, ce jour-là, tant qu'un coup de bleu, mon Amour.

    @Vagabonde: you're living what has come to be many a loving life-partner's worst nightmare. My heart goes out to you while inside, I pray - please not him, please don't let it happen to him, please not my husband.


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