lundi 13 décembre 2010

The Island / L'île

The Island

OK, I admit, this is not very good work. I tried to make the first version a bit like etching on a black-painted surface, but it does not come out as I wanted to. So I finally prefer the more conventional version. Over all, neither of them is a great image and I am not satisfied.

Roger Gauthier, The Photographer Who Came From The Cold



D'accord, je l'admets, ceci n'est pas de l'excellent travail. J'ai essayé de faire une première version qui ressemblait à un grattage sur une surface peinte en noir, mais ce n'est pas un grand succès. Je préfère finalement la version plus conventionnelle. De toute façon, aucune des deux ne mérite de passer à la postérité, et je ne suis pas satisfait du tout.

Roger Gauthier, Le photographe venu du froid

The Island, Etching-Like / L'île, style grattage

The Island, A Conventional Representation / L'île, version plus conventionnelle

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  2. oh, but still again, you are far to hard on yourself with your critique - but aren't we each our own worst critic? in any event, the two images do speak to us differently - and i am hard pressed to have a favorite one over the other - the top image is just so dramatic and haunting! magnificent - and then, the other image is so ethereally beautiful, magical and mystical - both very beautiful to me!

  3. Il me semblait qu'il faisait jour !:)) C'est bien beau quand même !

  4. J'aime beaucoup la première image, malgré ce que tu m'as montré comme ses défauts. Elle devrait s'appeler L'Île magique, ou L'Île enchantée.


    Despite the alleged 'faults' you showed me, I very much like the first image. It should be called Magic island, or Enchanted Island.

  5. @Jenean: Strange, bizarre, this post did not attract many people. My followers are heartless, I will punish them. I told you: this is honest work. It may be good, but it's not "out of this world", as it should always be.

    If not, why such a blog? For the fun of clicking repeatedly on a shutter button and publishing "en masse"? Woohoo... (I'm crying. Must clear up the alley, and above all finish my Coke)

    I'm mad I think.

  6. @Suzanne : Je ne me souviens pas s'il faisait jour ou non, les journées sont si courtes... :-)

  7. @Hélène : Je t'ai montré les défauts, Santa Pizza ! Une fois qu'on les a vus... M'enfin. :-)


    Don't wiggle! I've shown you what's wrong with those pictures. Once you've seen it... :-)

  8. I like these shots...mysterious & magic...Well done, friend! Bye, Cy

  9. Despite appearances, the photo "black" is the positive side, is not the black color to make dramatic life.
    Often is the innocent and pure white
    The white, which gives security and from which we not escape.
    Pictures of the rational not perfect and unconscious that captures the essence
    Ciao, minu

  10. @Cinthia: Thanks... Each time I go to the Saguenay region, I try to depict this island one way or the other. Seeing the water surface so still, I had to try something... and this island does have a magic look from time to time!


  11. @Minusca: I had not forgotten about you... Sometimes I lag behind in my answers because I welcome comments and want to answer each of them, specially when the reader/viewer took special care to analyse my work, as you do.

    What you do is a critique. And what I prefer are... critiques. As you've no doubt seen, my work is less and less straight photography, and more and more hermetic, as one of my readers once said. Well, I will not shy from this vision, even if I would rather say "complex", or "not easily understood".

    How can someone appreciate those two images without comparing them fullscreen? I almost ditched the dark version, but came back the day after and made sure that the island stood is absolute light. This way it has lost its smoothness but became much more powerful, almost brutal in a way.

    The first one is darker but this island is your refuge where everything is lit... the other one has mystery but not much drama. At least that's the way I see it!

    Thanks for such a thoughtful comment and please come back...


  12. @Minusca: and I forgot to mention... this kind of work not being what people usually expect. Very few people will comment them usually. Such is life...

  13. @Roger
    my request was not be a reminder
    I like to share the feelings that evokes a picture
    and understand the message of the photographer

  14. @Minusca: Thanks... I love that. And you know, I love discussing both my work and the work of others.

    I say this because it is not always obvious nor easy to do that. Some accept nothing else than praise...

    I try to be positive towards the work of others because it is the way I am. I also love to discuss the technical aspects of a picture, and very few people will accept it. You know, the pros and the cons... But I am also perfectly at easy not discussing the technical aspects and analysing only my feelings towards an image!

    So whatever you prefer... anyway I like your work very much!

    Roger :-)


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