mercredi 1 avril 2009

Cities, Part II / Villes, deuxième partie

Cities, Part II: Car In Urban Traffic

Don't argue about the title. At least I did not call it "New Age"... This is a post-processed (obviously) image, but in no way cropped. Let's see if you can do something better out of it by cropping it!

About the Rules...

I hear you, Roger rides again... Nope. I simply wanted to quote a very good, well known photographer, Brian F. Peterson of the Perfect Picture School of Photography, known as PPSOP:

The vision of many photographers is stymied by 'rules'.  (...) There can be no real creativity as long as you live by the 'rules'.

Now that it is said by somebody with a name, it must have some value don't you think? I will add this: Ditching all Rules will not make good pictures in itself. But following them blindly will kill your creativity.

I do invite comments on this, and on the picture of course. This may well be a case of "I went too far". But don't forget: art (for what it means) is not necessarily beautiful!

RogerG :-)


Villes, deuxième partie : voiture dans la circulation urbaine

Ne critiquez pas le titre. Je ne l'ai tout de même pas baptisée « Nouvel âge »... Ceci est une image post-traitèe de toute évidence, mais nullement recadrée. Voyons voir si vous pouvez l'améliorer en la recadrant !

À propos des Règles...

Je vous entends d'ici, Roger remet ça... Non. Je voulais simplement citer un photographe très bon, très connu, Brian F. Peterson de la Perfect Picture School of Photography, connue aussi comme PPSOP :

 The vision of many photographers is stymied by 'rules'.  (...) There can be no real creativity as long as you live by the 'rules'.

Voilà, maintenant que c'est dit par quelqu'un de connu, ça doit avoir quelque valeur, non ? J'ajouterai ceci : Jeter toutes les Règles par dessus bord ne donnera pas de bonnes images pour autant. Mais les suivre aveuglement tuera votre créativité.

Je vous invite à commenter cette opinion, et la « photo » aussi bien sûr. Je suis peut-être allé trop loin...

RogerG :-)

Cities, Part II: Car In Urban Traffic / Villes, deuxième partie : voiture dans la circulation urbaine 

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  1. From Briggs Harston
    Briggs sent me a first email in which he went to great lengths to explain that he's not very good at doing artistic things. And he included two highly cropped versions of this image. Briggs will pardon me if I name them immediately:

    Necessary Evil: A Broken Man's Hope

    Midsummer's Heartbreak

    He then sent me an explanation that borders on philosophy. It's worth reading I think. You will find below his comment about those two crops.

    Thank you, Briggs.


    De Briggs Harston
    Briggs m'a envoyé un premier courriel dans lequel il prend soin de m'expliquer en détail qu'il n'est pas très bon pour créer des choses artistiques. Il a également inclus deux versions très fortement recadrées de l'image. Briggs me pardonnera si je les nomme immédiatement

    Mal nécessaire : Espoir d'un homme brisé

    Détresse d'un été (ma traduction est approximative)

    Il m'a alors envoyé une explication qui touche à la philosophie. Voici son dernier commentaire. Désolé, il ne faut pas m'en vouloir, je n'essaie pas de traduire.

    Merci, Briggs.


    "Necessary Evil: A Broken Man's Hope
    I first saw light, yet darkness, in a city at night. There are street lights uniformly spaced, lighting the city, but they're not. It is still pitch black on the ground, as the lights only penetrate so far. This is how a broken man sees the world. There is so much good in life, but it doesn't mean anything and everything is still shadowed by his sadness. There is one light that has been able to break through his defenses though. There is no telling what it is, that's for him to know. This light changes from person to person depending on what can truly give them hope when they thought there was none to be had. Thus "A Broken Man's Hope."

    The "Necessary Evil" portion is much harder to define and probably not my favorite choice of words, but it's what came out. Eventually you begin to see your broken world as the way things just are, so you may not recognize your hope when you see it. It may come across as an evil, but it isn't. It's a necessity.

    Now, when you gave the cropping color, things changed. Still the same person as before, but now he's realized it isn't an evil, but a new beginning. It's day breaking over his bleak wasteland.

    Midsummer's Heartbreak
    I saw a field, with a tree, that two, in love, used to escape to. Now it's just a blackened memory distorted by the sadness of a lover's loss. Burning away until it all goes to black, like some has already. You could assume that this is the precursor to the other image; what sends the man into his depressed and black life. It's not though. For some reason, I feel that these two people, while they may have come from the same original image, suffer in two very different darknesses."

    -- Briggs Harston

  2. Tout simplement "funny".

  3. À Suzanne : :-) Je comprends ta réaction. Mais j'ajouterai que je connais Briggs depuis plusieurs années même si nous vivons très loin l'un de l'autre. Ce que je reçois, c'est un message provenant d'un esprit brillant. Comme toujours en arts, les raisons de ses choix et les choix eux-mêmes peuvent être très troublants. Je pense qu'ils le sont ici.


    To Suzanne: :-) I understand your reaction. But I will add this: I've known Briggs for several years now, even if we live far apart, and I am receiving a very strong message here. As always in arts, the reasons why he chose those crops may be very troubling. I think that this is the case here.


  4. From Tommy Olsson: Nice image indeed, a graphic piece of art IMHO. And now to your invitation how to crop it!
    How about this? Urban Moon


    De Tommy Olsson : Belle image vraiment, une oeuvre d'art graphique à mon avis. À propos de ton invitation au recadrage, que penses-tu dew ceci ? Lune urbaine

  5. Je dirai tout simplement que j'aime beaucoup. Et qu'entre autres détails je remarque avec un sourire le petit sapin sent-bon accroché au miroir...


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