jeudi 7 avril 2016

Une forêt floridienne / A Floridian Forest

Une forêt floridienne

Je n'ai pas osé entrer dans cette forêt autrement que par les routes et sentiers aménagés et protégés. C'est une forêt inquiétante où les alligators vous attendent un peu partout.

Ouvrez cette photo en format plein écran, vous ne serez pas déçu. Et dites-moi alors si vous, vous iriez dans cette forêt.

Roger Gauthier, Le photographe venu du froid


A Floridian Forest

I never dared enter this forest other than by using the protected roads and trails. This is a very disquieting forest, where alligators are waiting for you.

Open this photograph is fullscreen mode, you won't be disappointed. Then tell me if you would go in yourself.

Roger Gauthier, The Photographer who came from the cold

12 commentaires:

  1. Moi j'y suis entré mais en restant prudemment sur les sentiers de bois surélevés. Le volume céphalique des plus gros ne dépasse pas la taille mon petit doigt. Il ne faut donc pas leur demander de supporter les caresses sur la tête...

    1. J'ai fait exactement la même chose, Jeanmi. Sauf que je me suis aussi permis une approche par chaloupe, ce qui devient possible si on connaît quelqu'un dans le coin. En principe, on n'arrive pas là avec sa propre chaloupe ou son propre canot, je pense.

  2. La photo traduit bien le côté un peu sinistre et menaçant des lieux. Un peu comme si la forêt était hantée...

  3. C'est vrai que c'est un peu inquiétant....on y verrait bien un tournage de film avec scène de crime!

  4. Bonsoir
    C'est sur qu'il doit vraiment savoir ou l'on va ...
    Belle photo !!

  5. La evolución en la naturaleza,nos puede ofrecer esas maravillas,
    Con un poco de imaginacion,otro poco de tecnita,y muchas fantasias,el fotografo,puede conseguir algunas fotos con arte.

  6. Lugar de naturaleza salvaje, hay que tener cuidado e ir con alguien que conozca el lugar.
    Genial la toma.
    Saludos Tony

  7. Now this one cries to be printed on metal, by Image Wizards! I believe they can print up 70"x90", and from what I have seen the color reproduction is Phenomenal! The best part of these prints is that the color is IN the Aluminum, and is VERY scratch resistant, they are one of Adobes fair haired children, and one of the main drivers of die ink tech. Not cheap, but so stunning, they seem to be the only ones doing Metal Dye printing, that can do Mat, stain, aluminum as the clear, and High Gloss, and I mean HIGH.

    Take a look!

    1. I understand that you like the photo and suggest that I print it on metal through this Ontarian company called Image Wizards. Liking this photo is easy, even if I am the one saying it!

      I'm interested, and we will have to find more info about this company and the kind of work they do. We're talking here about really costly printing - several hundred dollars per print, but they do make objects of beauty!

      I will add, you know how much work there is behind that photo, right? For YOU this is obvious that this cannot be made within a day of work at least… that's the price to pay.

    2. The work, oh yes, so very much, but when I say to you I will probably never have an image that I truly love printed on paper, I mean that. If I have fewer images to show, then they will be the best I have taken, count on it. I paid $103.00 for a 16x24 inch version of the "watcher", worth every US dime of it lol.

      The darkest in this image you show here, would turn this into, a place to create Awe, and discomfort, at the same time! What, a creation. . . . . . !

  8. Tu as bien fait de rester à la lisière, ce genre d'endroit est plein de mauvaises surprises !

  9. I just received my metal print of "The Watcher" today from a company that is using most of the same processes that Image Wizard uses. Roger, I don't praise lightly, as you well know, but I will tell you in bold letters: I HAVE NEVER SEEN A PRINT THAT IS REMOTELY AS CLEAR AND CORRECT! it is, well like you can look into a 3d image there are places where the cracks in the stump have created shadows, that you could swear were actualy raised to create this depth. I won't take an image of this and post it because, well you know, no justice. The blacks are phenomenal, the gamut . . .superb, the reproduction unparalleled! You have to have an image printed! I suggest that you use Image Wizard (I am working on them now, because this (print) came wrapped in a single layer of brown paper, with a single sheet of cardboard as a backing! IW, when you have an image over 16x24 makes a wooden box to ship you image to you so that if your intent is to take it places you have a safe, and individual designed container to protect/ship the image to its destination. Not to mention the two different proofing methods that they use.

    For the benefit of those that don't yet know of this company or the process, when having an image made by them they use two different methods to "Proof" your image to your satisfaction: they sent you a smaller version of the full size image, and a 100% slice of an area of the image that they thing is the most "revealing?" so you can decide long before the process is complete, that you are satisfied.

    Damn I wish you could see this thing for real . . . . . . . Jim


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