mercredi 18 novembre 2009

There Were People Living Here / Des gens vivaient ici

There Were People Living Here

The Bonaventure Island (known locally as l'Ïle Bonaventure) is near Percé in the Gaspé Peninsula, near the well-known Rocher Percé. It is now a provincial park where tens of thousands of gannets can be observed, along with other species. Fishermen were living on the island until the beginning of the twentieth century. One can see what is left of their homes: vestiges of times long forgotten. What a pity.

Roger Gauthier, The Photographer Who Came From The Cold


Des gens vivaient ici

L'île Bonaventure se trouve à quelques kilomètres de Percé en Gaspésie, près du célèbre Rocher Percé. L'île est maintenant un parc provincial où l'on peut observer des dizaines de milliers de fous de Bassan, ainsi que d'autres espèces. Des pêcheurs vivaient sur l'île jusqu'au début du vingtième siècle. Leurs maisons ne sont plus que vestiges, quelle tristesse.

Roger Gauthier, le photographe venu du froid

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  1. Je vois que tu as bien calculé ton ciel pour ajouter à la désolation. Quand j'y suis allée pour la première fois, il y a cinquante ans (oh la la !), elles étaient abandonnées mais encore debout.


    i note that you worked in the sky to add to the overall desolation. When I first visited this place, fifty years ago (eek!), the houses were already abandoned but still standing.

  2. Bonjour mais je ne vois pas les photos que se passe t il ? Que faire!
    Je vais donc revenir

  3. Me encanta el juego de luces y esas nubes que captas que le dan una textura diferente...saludos

  4. ces 2 photos sont d'une beauté !..
    une préférence pour la 2ème
    le ciel est magnifique
    du noir et blanc comme j'adore !


  5. spectacularly beautiful - both - the beauty remains of what once was and what now is - still holding onto life - courageous and victorious - the contrast and textures are perfect - the soft whispers of the fluid clouds - magnificent! they both speak volumes of the human spirit - and of the universe -

  6. les photos tu sais sont magnifiques

  7. Fantastic Roger, beautiful light ...


  8. Triste spectacle de désolation..., tes photos sont intenses avec ce ciel!!!
    bonne soirée

  9. Merci à vous tous pour vos commentaires sur ces photos. Encore deux photos que j'ai failli jeter, mais que j'ai sauvées in extremis en les travaillant en noir et blanc. Ce ciel était la seule façon de donner une présence à une scène autrement désolante


    Thanks to you all for your comments on those photos. I was ready to ditch them, but the black and white post-processing saved the from obliteration. This sky was the only way to give presence to the scene.

    Roger G.

  10. It is always interesting to find what man has left behind. Great sky.
    You have an interesting blog, I'll be back again.

  11. Thanks Glen! I had a look at your blog and was impressed indeed. I would suggest to my Followers interested by photography to look at Glen's Images.


    Merci Glen ! J'ai jeté un coup d'oeil à ton propre blog et j'ai été impressionné. Je suggére à mes abonnés fidèles intéressés par la photo d'aller voir Glen's Images.

    Roger G. :-)

  12. Thanks for your visits and for your feedback.

    You have a very interesting blogs.


  13. Unfortunately I do not speak French so in the case of many of the blog posts I am nearly clueless, and some who know me may say this condition applies to English as well, Oh Well.


    I have noticed that, in general, B&W images seem to receive fewer comments than, no real data here, the same image in color, so I am going to comment here on this phenomena.

    Color photography is the "Norm" now and I can understand why to an extent.

    1. Todays monitors are larger and more brilliant reproducers of color.

    2. The Digital camera is capable of recording many, many, many millions of colors.

    3. Post processing is anything but the "Stone Knives and Bearskins" of say even 8 years ago.
    A. Color correction, "White Balance," boom done.
    B. don't like the hue and or saturation, Boom use the slider.
    C. And I won't even go into the miracle of "Curves."

    OK so what does this all mean to B&W? It means that in some images we can let the colors carry the image itself. I mean no disparagement whatever to people who work strictly in color. An image that works well in color well not necessarily work at all as a B&W. It is however, a fact that many images that have been shot to be intentionally rendered as B&Ws can and DO carry more emotional impact than the same image in color.

    And here is where I step into deep stuff. Contrast makes the B&W image work. It needs no color to work, in fact, color many times will ruin the image. A B&W carries more emotion in general, in my opinion, than a color image. It does not use color to catch the eye, it only has the shapes and the play of light and dark to make it work. Photographers need to return to the basics needs of a good B&W image. Generally if an image will work as a B&W it will work well as a color image, as long as the needs of a B&W are taken into consideration.

    Shoot COLOR and then convert to B&W and see if it works or not, it will teach you something about light, contrast, and what truly makes an image work.

    Wow a long post!

  14. Tu sais allier immensité et désolation pour en faire une image très forte et très belle...

  15. ful, impresionante fotografias, me encantaron. un abrazo amigo

  16. @reltih: Gracias, mi amigo. Ahora sigue tu propio blog. Lo sentimos, no voy a comentar por lo menos una semana: que estoy enfermo porque estúpidamente cayó en mi propia casa, y ahora se han roto las costillas y otras golosinas. No temas, I will be back!

    Tenga un buen día, sonreír y reír!

    Roger G., el fotógrafo que vino del frío

  17. I like them both and not because "bonaventure" sound pretty much like my native language: "buna aventura".
    It`s because the spirit of freedom and simplicity.

  18. @José, Marius, Élisabeth and James:A short word while my damaged ribs let me function almost like a human being. I am always surprised by the different ways people can see an image. This is further shown by Hélène's, Tony's, Jenean's opinions and others. I suppose it depends on everyone's own experience in life - which is perfectly OK!

    @France: do you see the photos now?


    @José, Marius, Élisabeth et James: Un petit mot pendant que mes côtes endommagées me permettent de fonctionner presque comme un être humain. Je suis toujours surpris par les différentes façons de voir une image dans un groupe de personnes. Cela est encore démontré par les points de vue d'Hélène, Tony, Jenean et autres. Je suppose que cela dépend de l'expérience propre à chacun dans la vie - ce qui est parfaitement OK!

    @ France: vois-tu les photos maintenant?

    Roger G.


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