mardi 17 août 2010

Looming Darkness / L'obscurité qui menace

Looming Darkness

Already colours are no more

The skies darken rapidly

All light concentrating in a single point

Soon to fail me

Whatever I do, I am not the same anymore.

Roger Gauthier, The Photographer Who Came From The Cold


L'obscurité qui menace

Déjà les couleurs ne sont plus

Le ciel s'assombrit de minute en minute

Toute la lumière fuit vers un point

Je le fixe mais il disparaît

Quoi que je fasse, je ne serai plus jamais le même.

Roger Gauthier, Le photographe venu du froid

The Saint-Laurent In Charlevoix / Le Saint-Laurent dans Charlevoix

8 commentaires:

  1. No, my dear friend, that we are never - every day, every event, every feeling, every new breath, changed us and this is our chance ...

    Your picture does not need great words, it's a perfect scene in nature, magnificent and overwhelming - not a word is necessary!

    I embrace you and accompany you a bit towards the light ...


  2. how nice! image and text, very consistent.
    a hug

  3. isabella's comment is truly moving -

    beautifully haunting words, roger, for a hauntingly beautiful image - both magnificent!

  4. Salut, comme ça le soleil de Charlevoix te quitte, mais bon il est encore là !!!! mais toi comment vas-tu et quoi de neuf .... Bien en forme et ton épine ? cela se replace ? bon, amuse toi un peu , après le bon travail , vient le bon repos ! :) Bye bye

  5. Wonderful photograph! Beautiful tones, amazing composition!

    Yes, we change... each moment... the events in our life change us, the people around us bring something new that influence us... more or less... I think it's important to choose the right things and reject the envy, the bad pieces of "advise", the negative feelings...
    Life is a sum of choices and opportunities... some we gain, some we miss, some we lose...

  6. Esta postagen pura poesia.
    Tudo de bom.
    Mil beijos

  7. Precioso ese cielo y la composición de la foto....saludos

  8. As usual, your comments are very touching and are a major boost. I will not say that I do not need it. Isabella, Reltih, Jenean, Suzanne, Adela, Iracema, Tony... you're in my mind every day. Thank you.


    Comme toujours, vos commentaires sont très touchants et me motivent considérablement. Je ne dirai pas que je n'en ai pas besoin. Isabella, Reltih, Jenean, Suzanne, Adela, Iracema, Tony... Je pense à vous tous les jours. Merci.


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